About us

About Us

At Euro-Spirit we are a team of enthusiastic professionals who are dedicated to engineering the best Marine Enthusiasts Experience possible.

While there are many Pet Stores and aquarium management services on the market, Euro-Spirit does not solely believe in the use of fish for beautification and whole-heartedly believe in lengthening the life of all your aquarium fish through proper maintenance and care.

It is with this in mind that we began our very own aquarium maintenance program for our customers, whereby we take up the responsibility of caring for their large aquariums because while they love their beautiful fish, they simply do not have the time to maintain their tanks themselves. This service is something we offer to all our customers and while it might be an additional cost, our customers are exponentially happy with the results which feature in their tanks every single day. The kind of joy for aquariums we wish to gift all of our Euro-Spirit Clientele.

This maintenance service may begin and end with aquariums but our knowledge of household pets does not. It is because of this that our customers are offered expert advice via our staff and our website on all the livestock we cater for at Euro-Spirit. A plethora of specimens which grows every single day. A diversification process we are proud of because we are finally seeing pet enthusiasts from across the spectrum enter our store with fresh eyes on the beauty of taking care of aquariums and other cute critters. Euro-Spirit is now a place where someone who has only ever kept a hamster as a pet can come in and experience a world of interesting specimens who are all looking for their forever homes.

It is thanks to these new members of the Euro-Spirit family that we are now seeing reptile, small mammal and, bird enthusiasts join the Euro-Spirit family and keep us on the lookout for new and exciting adventures.

Thank You!
The Euro-Spirit Team